Simia is based on one of the most popular and flexible ITIL Frameworks. It gives you confidence in quality and flexibility of working with a Solutions IT company.

the cLOUD

Simia provides a powerful and flexible extended cloud toolkit to assist companies looking to engage with cloud services. If you’ve used the Simia cloud itself, you’ll find this all super familiar and easy-to-use.

Unlimited WEB designs

Simia web components inherit much of their style from variables, exactly like Bootstrap. We believe in good web design that adapts the evolving landscape of the internet.

cyber Security

Simia Cyber Security is our most vitial service that we offer. Our Security product is set in the cyber life cycle of Assess, Protect, Deter, Detect and Respond, mapped  to the ITIL lifecycle of Service Strategy.

Social Integration

Simia has full set of social connections and styling options which allow you to share and automate content the way you wish .

Internet Made for speed

We know what fast internet is at Simia, that's why we went and sourced it from the fastest place on the planet, silicon valley California the USA. Now available in QLD Australia only through Simia.

Seo optimized

Simia was built with care allowing search engines to index the pages of your site correctly to achieve higher rankings in search results.

24 / 7 onsite Support

Simia doesn't have an after hours where available 24/7 for all our customers. We know how it feels to need support. We provide qualified 24/7 support to treat you as we would like to be treated.


Sima has dozens of new components and Custom IT elements built on years of experience in the IT industry. That's why we can diagnose faster than our competitors .

Our Technology

Among our solutions there are many world-renowned industry leaders.

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Simia Entry


no plan

  • 1Onsite IT Support
  • 1 Callout is free for Gold Coast
  • 1Security Audit included
  • 1 Business process report
  • 1Full SEO web report
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Simia Fix


T&C Apply

  • 1Day rate  to solve the IT issues
  • 1Callout is free for Gold Coast
  • 1Business Website
  • 1IT Advisory and support
  • 1Standard SEO
  • 1Onsite Computer Repairs
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Simia Holistic


no plan
t&c apply

  • 5days onsite Support
  • 1 IP voice Support
  • 1 Website Support
  • 1IT Diagnostic Repairs
  • 1IT Advisory and support
  • 1Simpro Secure internet 200mb/200mb service
  • 1Servers & Networking Support
  • Bonus: App Development
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Simia Project


no plan
t&c apply

  • 30Days on site Support
  • 1IP Voice project management
  • 1IT Project Management
  • 1IT Advisory and support
  • 1ITIL Framework Setup
  • 1Simpro Secure internet 400mb/400mb service
  • 1 Complete IT support 24/7
  • 1Microsoft Windows automation
  • Bonus: App Development &
  • SEO marketing
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