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Unlimited opportunities

Unlimited opportunities

Why choose Simia

We built all these tools into one product "Simia pro"

Simia Pro is a 16-year journey of building not only our skillset but working with clients to overcome issues, however, we weren't happy with just solving the issues anymore we wanted to partner with our clients so we could be a part of their success, and not just have them contact IT when things don't work, but have an IT business contact the client before something breaks, and not be so reactive when providing solutions. We also wanted our clients to have a high level of trust with us so we developed a guarantee.

At Simia we believe in bringing the world's leading technology to Australian companies because nobody should be left behind in this time of technology advancement. The complex solutions to solve and advance a business are endless at Simia and we built a process to bridge the gap between IT and business partners and shareholders.

We have travelled the globe in search of how to improve our service for our clients, and Simia PRO was invented.


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html Web pages online
Simia Pro Actve Internnet connections
Graphic designs Logos
Simia Pro Security  installations

Simia is exactly what you need

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Our Website Designs

Dont wait months to have your website online, Simia does it in weeks to create your Own Amazing Experience.

We Dont just copy and paste a website for our clients.
We build them a website that there customers will buy from.


Three pictures explainig responsive web design

Extremely Responsive web design for any device

Making sure your website is not only designed correctly but can it be found by the right people.

67% of all internet shoppers now use mobile devices to order there products online.

Are you Responsive ready?

Limitless Web design Variations

What ever your style or design we can match it to your vision.

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Header for website design

Background Header

header aligned centre

Center Aligned

floating menu simia pro design


left side menu web design

Left Side-Header

full screen overlay web design

Fullscreen Overlay

website view of our portfolio at simia pro
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Showcase any of your products or projects with our great selection of custom portfolio designs.

87% of all internet users navigate visualy, It pays to keep this area of your website updated.

93% or all website owners dont keep there website updated.

Out do your competition  by stepping out of your comfort zone and do what they wont.  

infographic to explain our usa in queensland speed

USA internet speeds in QLD

On average a business internet speed is 8mb / download and 0.75mb upload

Simia internet speeds average 320mb download / and 250mb upload, and also includes a dedicated Firewall hardware applicance to keep your business secure.

We belive everybody deserves the right to faster internet for there business  and thats why we built the Simia Secure network for our clients.

ecommerce made ready

eCommerce Ready

We have included all you may need to have an Amazing eCommerce Website from a scratch. Create your successful business now!

20% discount on SSL certificates till the end of November 2016

  • One Page Checkouts
  • SEO friendly Shopping pages
  • Responsive design for any mobile device
  • Social media ready, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram and much more
simia networks are unmatched

Simia Networks are unmatched

Not just because we use the best equipment on the planet but because all of our competitors dont

We are always conecting with new partners in the market so we can guareentee our product is fully tested for client use in almost any situation 


Picture of google webmaster tool logo
google webpage optimisation
Simia PRO sear engine optimisation

Powerful SEO Search Engine

Google is the most powerful search engine in existance, We just learnt how to understand it and use it for our clients so they benifit from our experience.

Simia have the answers to all your SEO needs. Try us out and see what changes to your company!

Images Included for Free

Save more than $500 on awesome premium images included in any Simia pro Packages

adobe photoshop psd file image

2,000+ PSD Stock art

Get all Simia design sources used in project just for free

Dedicated 24/7 Support

Our Support Service is always available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you create your own business solution.

We give our clients the choice of timings so we make sure your business remains productive and that this doesnt impact your company.

So thats why we dont charge for afterhours work, its all included in your monthly support plan. At no charge to you.



Simia is exactly what you need